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Poly Bags

Use these gauge (thickness) descriptions as an aid in selecting the proper polyethylene bag thickness for your packaging needs.

All Argrov Box Poly Bags are made of 100% virgin, high clarity polyethylene film. The bags meet FDA and USDA specifications for food contact.

  • 1 Mil (.001) - Lightweight Poly Bags for temporary storage and protection from dirt, dust and moisture.
  • 1.5 Mil (.0015) ­ Lightweight ­ for packaging soft, lightweight items such as paper, childrenšs clothes and small plastic products.
  • 2 Mil (.002) - The most popular thickness. Ideal for shipping parts, clothing or for protecting food.
  • 3 Mil (.003) - Provides added protection for packaging and storing heavier, non-bulky items.
  • 4 Mil (.004) - A heavy duty Poly Bag for heavier, slightly bulky items such as parts and tools. Also provides extra protection from pointed edges.
  • 6 Mil (.006) - Extra strong Poly Bag to prevent punctures and tears. To hold heavy contents such as books and for extra bulky items.

Anti Static

Furniture Bags

Ice Bag

Lay Flat (2 Mil)

Lay Flat (1 Mil)

Lay Flat (1.25 Mil)

Lay Flat (1.5 Mil)

Lay Flat (3 Mil)

Lay Flat (4 Mil)

Lay Flat (6 Mil)

Poly Bags for Auto Bag Machines

Poly Bags on Roll


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