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Satisfied Customers

The feedback that we receive from customers is very important -- whether it is a compliment or a criticism. It is one of the most significant measures of our product quality and of our service performance. This feedback usually takes one of two primary forms -- direct comments or systematic evaluations.

Here are a few examples of customer remarks and ways that they evaluate us.

Quick turnaround of order

A packaging materials distributor in West Virginia wrote these remarks on the packing slip that accompanied his order and he faxed it to us, "What great service! I ordered my boxes yesterday afternoon and they arrived this morning."

Consistent product quality & consistent on-time delivery

A major Midwest manufacturer of hydraulic equipment and filters evaluates each and every order of our boxes on product quality and timely delivery. They subtract from a composite score of 100 any percentage of unusable products and for late deliveries. We supply boxes on a regular basis to three divisions of this company. During the past 10 years, there has been only one incident where Argrov Box did not achieve a perfect score in both categories of measurement.

How we compare to other suppliers re: customer service & product quality

Another customer is a leading manufacturer of pipe tools and all types of bench and utility vices. They use a supplier scorecard. Again, the composite score is 100 and a sub par performance results in points being deducted from that total. Six categories are used to evaluate suppliers. They are: delivery, product quality, order accuracy, pricing, responsiveness and inventory bonus, which involves short stocking of supplies to help cash flow. Our ordinal number was one. In other words, Argrov Box ranked first out of all suppliers.

It is these accomplishments and comments that keep us motivated to consistently provide our customers with high-quality boxes and outstanding customer service.

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