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Cohesive Corrugated Wrap

Cohesive Corrugated Wrap uses a cold seal adhesive that enables the wrap to stick to itself and not to your product. This feature allows you to make your own package without staples, tape or glue. Use Cohesive Corrugated Wrap to package and seal your non-fragile items; it's simple and it's quick!! Similar to Corrugated Wrap, Cohesive Corrugated Wrap provides an extra level of padded protection for your contents. The sheets protect corners, edges and finished surfaces from damage during storage or transit. Especially good for wrapping odd shaped items. Available in rolls with variable widths. Most rolls are 250' in length. Cut the rolls to any desired length to fit your packaging needs. Also see, "Corrugated Wrap (Single Faced Rolls) and Cellulose Wadding."

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