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Kraft Shipping Boxes

Argrov Box shipping cartons are made of 200# test, kraft C-flute single wall corrugate. C-flute corrugate is commonly used for most shipping cartons. Each box is certified to hold up to 65 lbs. of contents. Choose from over 400 sizes that are ready to ship. Bundle counts: 10, 20, 25. If you can't find your size, we can make it. Minimums apply. Just complete Quote Request Form.

All Argrov Box corrugated shipping cartons meet Federal Specifications ASTM D 5118 (formerly PPP-B-636) domestic class and ASTM D 4727 (formerly PPP-F-320).

Measuring A Shipping Carton

Looking at the opening of the box, measure the longest or length panel first. Using a tape measure, place it in the bottom of the box approximately one inch from the back wall and measure from left to right. Repeat the process for the shorter width panel. Then, folding a side flap inward until it is perpendicular to its vertical side wall, place the tape measure at the end of the flap and extend it downward until it rests on the inner flap at the bottom of the box (see illustration). This exercise will give you the depth dimension of the box.

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